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Draw a Funny Monkey

Monkeys are funny by their very nature. You can make the frolicsome primate even much more entertaining when you bring any funny monkey. Funny monkey drawings must be equipped with a stupid expression, haphazard limbs plus any goofy general appearance. Indulge your silliness by drawing a funny monkey with the subsequent simple steps.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Draw a funky jaw. Make a circle by way of three lines running through it horizontally. The top half of the circle remains the monkey’s nose; the bottom half remains his chin. Add two dots for nostrils in the top half of the circle. The top plus bottom horizontal lines serve like lips; the midst horizontal line will separate the upper teeth from the decrease teeth. Draw vertical lines connecting the best plus bottom horizontal lines to draw funny monkey teeth.

2 Give him lopsided eyes. Create two circles above the jaw that are uneven plus away-kilter. Fill in dots seeing that pupils.

3 Finish off the funny monkey head. Draw one semi-circle beside each eyeball for his ears. Generate some jagged, random lines coming off of his jaw and eyes to function as hair. You want his hair to be random and look wild.

4 Add arms and legs. To look quite funny, your monkey won’t really maintain a body yet only arms and legs jutting away from around his head off. Draw two lines for every arm and leg plus connect it when you become the duration about arm or leg you want.

5 Shade plus detail. Shade in the arms, legs and hair. Add five little lines coming off the end of each arm for his hands and additional lines to his feet. Add two further lines that appear to a curved stage to serve as his tail. Shade that in as well. Now paste it up on the fridge for the world to see.

Tips & Warnings

Contain even extra entertaining characteristics to your monkey by means of dressing him up. Give him a top hat, baseball cap, ballet slippers, combat boots or whatever other garb you get hilarious. Funny monkeys may also be saying things if you add a cartoon bubble with most words within it. Comical expressions could contain: “In least I don’t look love your mother” or “I’m moving bananas.”