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Notes about the value of the Circulate service

  • Circulate is the solution that brings the huge forces of social media into alignment with traditional media. Compare newspaper site traffic with that of Facebook and it's clear which trends are not only prevailing, but CRUSHING. Circulate can bring news to users even when they are on Facebook.
  • Circulate is NATIVE to the new online ecosystem. It's a green field, which means new possibilities for business models that are win-win instead of win-lose. New possibilities for revenue that do not involving fixing what is already manifestly broken, on the questionable assumption that it can be fixed in the first place.
  • We invert a distribution model (search) that favors Google disproportionately. We shift power back toward publishers by enabling users to have a direct relationship with trusted publisher brands.
  • We appear to be the ONE native solution being proposed, which means we have the best chance of being truly helpful in this new environment. We have a clear path for increasing traffic and revenue for publishers. And, though currently a tiny company, our model stands up to Google in a financially and logically compelling way.

What does Circulate look like?