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Difficulty: Moderately Easy Directions

1 Join internet site. This company will allow you to upload photos and create your own skin designs or you can use their existing designs. You can too sign up seeing that a reseller to free. This allows you to purchase skins with a bulk deduction, or they will decrease Shipping Companies ship it for you individually. As regarding 2010 these skins cost between $15 and $45.

2 Market your skins on eBay. Create a free account and create an auction to test out which styles sell well. You will pay a listing fee, which costs anywhere away from 15 cents to some few dollars per item. Once the piece sells, website will fall-ship your order, meaning they will ship the product to the consumer directly. This way you never have to contact the goods.

3 Build an eBay store. As of 2010 it costs between $15 to $150 per month to include one eBay store. You can list anywhere out of 500 to 10,000 items. These listings last for 30 days also folks can buy out of you immediately rather than having to wait to exclusive auction to conclusion.

4 Sell your skins on web site. This is extra eCommerce website. It isn't as popular as eBay, but you may automatically import your items to iOffer by means of clicking on the "Import Items from eBay," button. There are no listing fees on this site and you will only spend when your skins sell.

5 Build one e-commerce store. Any very good place to start remains Auctiva Commerce (find out Means). This site will allow you to import your items directly from eBay at the click about a key. You may make use of built-in templates to create your shop literally within minutes, and you will be able to start marketing your skins within one daytime. Since of 2010 it costs $9.95 a calendar month to set up a store.