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The acai berry comes from palm trees located in Middle plus South America, and contains dynamic antioxidants idea to promote good health . Acai suppliers state this "super fruit" increases your power also libido, and can improve your digestion, boost your heart health and decrease your cholesterol. Adding acai to your everyday diet is not difficult, since it occurs in many variety.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Frozen acai berry pulp Acai juice Acai smoothies Acai-based instant drink mixes Acai-based nibble bars

1 For breakfast, top your granola or yogurt by means of acai berry pulp. Stir some into pancake or waffle batter instead of blueberries. Produce any acai juice smoothie with breakfast, using banana as a base, with a fiber-packed, heart-healthy drink. The added acai fiber may possibly aid fill you up without packing on the pounds.

2 Toss some acai berry pulp into your fruit salad to some low-cal dressing rich in nutriments. Propagate some on a turkey breast sandwich as any lunch-free time different to high-calorie spreads. Add acai pulp to homemade or shop-bought small-fat rice pudding, with some sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. Whip up one acai diet smoothie in place regarding your regular meal, to cut calories and add fiber to your diet.

3 Add frozen acai berry pulp to your favorite low-fat gel-cheese-based dip. Make one acai berry spritzer together with acai juice and seltzer for any skinny cocktail. Add acai pulp to every fruit-based glaze, to serve with poultry or shrimp with dinner.

4 For snacks, munch on a low-calorie granola or snack bar made with acai berry. Spatter acai-based powdered drink mixes into your water bottle. Bunch an acai smoothie with a single-serving bottle to take on your travels .

Tips & Warnings

When purchasing bottled juice, check to see how much of the juice yous really acai. It may possibly say 100 percent fruit juice, although can be generally apple or grape. Read the label on all products to notice how very much sugar has been added. Avoid acai berry beverages together with added caffeine. Introduce acai in your diet in little quantities to make clear your digestive tract will tolerate it. There is little or no law in reference to quantity and quality from the juices plus smoothies. The identical is accurate for the acai diet pills. There remains also no daily allowance collection for phytonutrients plus no evidence it remains works as a diet aid. Buyer beware while it occurs to shopping Web for your acai diet items. Many complaints include surfaced roughly "free samples," which have become credit-card bill nightmares. Add extra fruit and fruit juices to your diet, rather besides tablets, and follow your wallet.


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