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The Air-Conditioning Heating, plus Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), which tests plus certifies cooling and commercial refrigeration apparatus and elements, delivers some certification for transport refrigeration. This authentication affords assurance that is the refrigeration gear used to transport goods adheres to high quality standards.


The AHRI gives certification to promote consumer confidence in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration items. Government and other regulating bodies commonly recognize AHRI certification being a statement about conformance to regulations. The documentation establishes standards to makers, engineers, installers, contractors plus consumers. All unique equipment manufacturers and personal brand marketers producing items within the scope of AHRI may apply for certification.


Applicants should submit an application kind, an annual certified sales amount form and a certified item data submission sheet. These types are available from the AHRI. Candidates must sign a participation contract and shell out any participation fee.

After the application has been accepted, applicants participate on qualification tests. The transport refrigeration certification tests provide ratings to high temperature cooling capacity, low temperature cooling capacity, electric standby excessive temperature cooling capability and electric standby low temperature cooling capacity. Once all qualification tests are passed, the candidate signs some license settlement and pay out any licensing fee.