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Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Open some PayPal account. This is the primary method of transaction for Project Payday traders. Inside general, traders like to work with people who are verified with PayPal, but there are ways around this.

2 Become any valid credit or debit card (Not a gift-card or pre-settled card). Nearly all of the presents you possess to choose from will require your card number, even if they are free trials. If you don't cancel within the allotted test interval, you will be charged the regular subscription price tag for that give. Most freebie sites discussed from the forum are reliable and refuse to operate offer you from firms that will charge your card fraudulently or make it difficult to cancel.

3 Get a valid phone number. Sometimes the "proposals" will call to confirm your identify.

4 Sign up on a trading forum like The FreeLunchRoom. See Resources for a link. This freebie trading community communicates essentially by way of the utilize of threaded dialogue forums. If you are already familiar by means of this type of forum, you'll need no problem finding your way around. These forums connect buyers (people looking to spend with referrals) with sellers (people looking to make settled to be a referral). They in addition provide certain protection to their members out of scammers, and are some place to exchange experiences and understanding in regard to the business.

5 Familiarize yourself with the FLR site and introduce yourself to the FLR community.

6 Read the "sticky" member tutorials in the Getting Down to Business area.

7 Introduce yourself to a PPD (Project Pay out Day) mentor with good/huge ratings. Read by means of what they have to say. If they have many referrals (higher than 100) by way of a high rating, they're safe and sound. They will introduce you to the program.

8 Ask your mentor about, or complete numerous study, on the difference among 1) doing offers with your coach and 2) exchanging referrals. You can also unearth plenty about info on this within the FLR Forum.

9 Produce sure you apparent out your cookies prior to completing each offer you. If your mentor fails to mention this to you rapidly, you must attempt to discover someone otherwise.

10 Start trading plus maintain quite detailed notes.


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