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RJI Exposed: Ideas, projects, experiments helping to sustain journalism

What's on your agenda for change? The Reynolds Journalism Institute supports dozens of short- and long-term experiments and projects all aimed at sustaining and morphing the values, principles and purposes of journalism. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, you'll have a chance to visit with principal scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs from a sampling of them. Stroll from room to room, stay for a few minutes or for a whole block of time for presentations of a few minutes in length and plenty of time for one-on-one discussion. How does what RJI is doing have the potential to solve your newsroom or business challenges, foster collaboration, or envision new opportunities?

  1. Reynolds Journalism Fellowships -- Hosts: Randy Picht and Brian Steffens -- Learn about resident and non-resident research and prototyping fellowships underway; suggest new project ideas; find out how to apply for a fellowship.
  2. Digital Publishing Alliance' -- Roger Fidler, director -- Learn how the DPA helped the news industry anticipate the promise and opportunity tablet computing, and how membership in the DPA works for companies and individuals.
  3. Institute for Advertising Ethics -- Wally Snyder/Margaret Duffy --