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RJI Exposed: Ideas, projects, experiments helping to sustain journalism

What's on your agenda for change? The Reynolds Journalism Institute supports dozens of short- and long-term experiments and projects all aimed at sustaining and morphing the values, principles and purposes of journalism. ] It works independently and with dozens of partners. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, you'll have a chance to visit with principal scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs from a sampling of them. Stroll from room to room, stay for a few minutes or for a whole block of time for presentations of a few minutes in length and plenty of time for one-on-one discussion. How does what RJI is doing have the potential to solve your newsroom or business challenges, foster collaboration, or envision new opportunities?

Onging initiatives

  1. Reynolds Journalism Fellowships -- Hosts: Randy Picht and Brian Steffens -- Learn about resident and non-resident research and prototyping fellowships underway; suggest new project ideas; find out how to apply for a fellowship.
  2. The RJI Futures Lab -- Host: Mike McKean -- A real-world testing venue for new journalism and advertising methods and technologies, open to collaborations with the industry.
  3. RJI Insight and Survey Center -- Host: Ken Flemming -- Completes phone, online, mail and focus-group research for RJI-Mizzou, other academic and industry clients focused on journalism, news and information technology.
  4. Digital Publishing Alliance -- Host: Roger Fidler, director -- Learn how the DPA helped the news industry anticipate the promise and opportunity tablet computing, and how membership in the DPA works for companies and individuals.
  5. Institute for Advertising Ethics -- Hosts: Wally Snyder/Margaret Duffy -- A global resource for study, training and research on advertising and marketing ethics, including issues of privacy and big-data.
  6. [http://www.ire.org/about/ Investigative Reporters and Editors -- Host: Mark Horvit -- Based at RJI-Mizzou, this membership organization has been working since 1975 to improve the quality of investigative reporting with regional training, an annual conference, and specialized programs.
  7. The Global Journalist -- Host: Amy McCombs -- Via quarterly print, online and radio, a resource for two decades on worldwide press freedom, journalistic ethics and independent media.
  8. National Freedom of Information Coalition -- Host: Ken Bunting -- An alliance of state freedom-of-information groups based at RJI-Mizzou.
  9. Microsoft Applications Development Lab -- Host: Tyten Teegarden -- A space for teaching and research with graphics, games and news applications.

Affiliated ventures

The University of Missouri, through RJI, experiments by occasionally supporting entrepreneurial projects by providing facilities, relationships and intellectual property in exchange for equity stakes. A sample of some of these projects, in various stages, include:

  1. Newsy -- Host: Jim Spencer -- Founded by a J-Mizzou alum and veteran tech entrepreneur, and located adjacent to campus, Newsy analyzes, curates, comments and syndicates video news to mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.
  2. [1] AdFreeq -- Host: Peter Meng -- Created during an RJI fellowship, AdFreeq is a networked classified ad system branded for individual news websites that operates as a "widget."
  3. Newshare/CircLabs Inc. -- Hosts: Bill Densmore/Graf Mouen -- A white-label news customization and personalization service for local news organizations. The Newshare/Circulate Discovery Service is being prototyped.
  4. Lure Membership Services' -- Host: Matt Sokoloff -- Acquisition, retentiona nd monetization for digital membership products developed during Matt's RJI fellowship.