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Websites not designed to do good thoughtful reading. Most video online is not story.

Newspapers are losing their ability to do story telling.

Fancher says why extend storytelling online? Jackie says because that's the way we pass along

culture and if we can't do that, we die as a culture. It's like the troubadors had to learn how

to do writing and the people who developed the Gutenberg Bible had to learn how to do

mass-market publications outside the church.


With the decline in storytelling, we have lots of information, but few stories. And we are less

informed because of it. Know too much and know too little.

A home for the craft of story

Peggy: It's the transition to a new age and the forms that sreve the basic human need.

Jackie thinks somewhere at the base of that has to be the written word.

What about interviewing for print, video, audio. Each are different.

She mentions Brian Storm.

Peggy and Jackie compare notes about gathering people together vs. going out to where the

stories are.

Bill, Peggy: Suggests combination where you interview folks, then bring them together with


Fancher says this is like the movie: "This Might Get Loud."

Dean Mills used the word people in transition.

Ken Burns not on her list.

Kara Solomon, Chip Scanlan on her list.

Mike: Suggests visit technologists who have storytelling ideas. For example, go see Marissa Mayer.

Pam would like to make this a core RJI brand and have it become livetime work. She not sure if Eric Newton would want that.