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Maintain your car insurance without some driver's license with North Carolina.

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles involves registration of most operable motor vehicles inside the state along with automobile liability insurance coverage. You do not need a driver's license to insure your automobile , although you should hold the insurance coverage continuous in order to title and register it. Insurance corporations automatically report lapses inside vehicle coverage to the North Carolina DMV, plus they in turn post you a notice that requires your response within 10 days. Insurance corporations can additionally cancel your scheme for specific violations. The DMV requires you to surrender your license plates with deleted insurance policies.

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1 Contact your auto insurance carrier to inquire about auto insurance or to attest that your current policy still exists. Ask about the right type of insurance with your situation, being rates go higher for certain violations and suspended licenses. The insurance firm can legally delete your policy for non-renewal, cancellation or automatic termination.

2 Make your payments on time or opt for web withdrawals from your deposit or credit union accounts to ensure steady automobile coverage. North Carolina insurance allows no grace intervals. Choose higher deductibles to generate your insurance more affordable if you don't drive the automobile.



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