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The no call up list is any lifesaver for people who need a landline, or a publicly listed cell phone, but are tired of telemarketers. End the dinner time call up away from solicitors!

Follow these easy steps to purchase on the no call listing.

Trouble: Easy


1 GO TO THE National Make Not Call REGISTRY Site.

The link yous from the resource section below. Or you may kind it into any search engine and follow the link.

2 Get into Up TO 3 Phone NUMBERS At Any Time.

Most people work not need more besides three phones. If you do, simply make use of extra email address to register the additionals.

A false email won't permit you to confirm and will end the process regarding taking on the no call listing.

4 SUBMIT YOUR REGISTRATION Facts Also Test For Mistakes.

Since this information will automatically be entered in, you need to be sure you gain it proper. Why put someone else's amount on the no call list? After all, they might be the one individual in the US who actually Wants to get telemarketing calls by dinner. They might prefer it.

The email should be from website. If you don't see it check your junk folder to be clear, or wait a few more minutes. Click on the link to confirm and you are completed. Assert 'Goodbye Telemarketers' really loudly only just for fun.


Do Not Call up Registry (National)

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