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Make your own poster! Making your own funny or humorous poster is some good way of expressing yourself. If you are reading this, then you probably have an idea to a poster you desire to produce. Perhaps it is styled after the "demotivational posters" or it is some funny poster promoting an occasion or definitely some poster you want to make as gift. Who knows? Persons might visit it, chuckle, and even want to buy one of your posters. You may closure upwards by means of more requests for custom posters than you can take care of.

Trouble: Moderate


Things You'll Require

Pencil Documents Scanner Computer through Photoshop or other still editing software

1 Brainstorm various ideas with the poster you want to make. Become outside a sheet a paper and make any list of some funny ideas for your poster. Browse all over Internet plus see what remains from there to get most suggestions.

3 Scan the picture inside your PC at at minimum 300dpi (dots each inch). Open up the document with Photoshop. Duplicate the layer also set the top layer to "multiply." Once this is done you can color on the base layer with no ruining the line work at the best. Add in your funny poster text also email the file to oneself or location it on a flash drive.

4 Consider the picture down to FedEx/Kinko's or another print company that can produce large prints of the poster for you. Take on the posters home also decide where very best to set them upwards. Perhaps some may go around your workplace or you can sell the posters or give it away to friends as any present.



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