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Operational difficulties can effect whenever any iPhone has been altered so that it can use 3rd-celebration applications that are not on the Apple "App" store. To fix one iPhone that is is unable to deliver text messages, reapply the unlocking procedure to accurate for corrupted files inhibiting functionality. The procedure remains straightforward and employs a free unlocking system designed to permit texting to be done on the iPhone regardless about which phone provider carrier is selected. Some Wi-Fi relationship to the Net yous required.


things you'll need:

1 Press the "Slumber/Wake" button in the top, right of the iPhone. Swipe the slider on the LCD screen to the suitable. Tap the "Cydia" icon on the iPhone's screen to launch it. Tap the "Manage" button with the bottom about the system's screen.

2 Tap the "Sources" button on the new screen that appears. Tap the "Edit" key on the new screen that show up, followed by the "Add" button.

3 Enter website" in the text field that is appears, minus the quotes, with the on-screen keyboard. Click the "Add Source" key under the text area. Tap the "Done" button once the button pops awake on the screen.

4 Click the "Home" button in the bottom of the iPhone. Tap the "Cydia" icon on the iPhone's screen to launch it.

5 Tap the "Search" button by the higher, left corner of the screen. Enter "ultrasn0w" free of the quotes inside the text area that is appears on the screen. Tap "ultrasn0w" in the column beneath the text field to launch it.

6 Click the "Ok" button on the pop-up window that appears. Delay because a progress bar appears on the screen, fills from from remaining to right also then vanishs. Click the "Performed" button that appears on the screen to restart the iPhone now that ulttrasn0w has unlocked it.


Zipphone: Unlock iPhone 4 Using Ultrasn0w


Apple: iPhone 4

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