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Independent nonprofit incubated by RJI begins proof-of-concept testing
for ecosystem governing Internet trust, identity, privacy and info commerce

An independent non-profit, public-benefit organization aiming to help publishers and the public address critical problems of privacy, identity and information commerce on the Internet is beginning proof-of-concept testing with a small group of New England publishers.

The three-part mission of the Information Trust Exchange Governing Association (ITEGA) is to help users regain control over their privacy and identity, help publishers improve the relevanc eand value of advertising and create a platform which could allow a "fast-pass for news" across the Internet.

"Quality publishers realize that digital advertising alone will not support most information-gathering -- especially journalism -- as we've know it," says Bill Densmore, founding interim executive director of ITEGA. "Most the advertising opportunity from content has transferred to technology companies. ITEGA's promise to re-balance and put service to information seekers and advertisers in the hands of original content producers."

Densmore says ITEGA will do this by establishing technical standards and business rules for sharing user and content information.

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism, has incubated ITEGA through a series of strategic summits, public testimony, (at page 289) two white papers and five task-group meetings in late 2015. During 2016 RJI continued to consult with publishers and proponents and developed a launch plan for ITEGA services as well as a proof-of-concept technology demonstration now underway.