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ITEGA DOCUMENTS (to view, log in to your gmail account).


​These documents comprise the setup of the ITEGA ecosystem.

The very generic placeholder website is here:

​And here is the mission statement:


1) How much of this onion to unpeel to funders? This is complicated; on the one hand we need to demonstrate it is thoroughly thought out; on the other hand we don't want people's heads to spin. What is the MINIMUM information to be conveyed in a LOI?

2) What is a believable ask?

These are all are viewable but not editable. No need to read it all; just get a sense of the thrust.


  • Demonstrations that are part of the Proof of Concept demonstration ​soon​ underway:
  • Articles of Incorporation (filed and accepted by Calif. Scty of State Jan. 30, 2017):
  • Organizing resolution of incorporator (Bill Densmore) naming board and setting up bank authority
    (to be executed when we figure out who should be the founding board)

  • Bylaws (to be adopted by Board of Directors) (modeled after bylaws of ICANN and a bit of Mozilla):
  • ITEGA Exchange Rules (guide only during 2017 and into 2018):

  • Representative list of eventual governance roles of ITEGA:

  • Detailed list of ITEGA roles, vs. roles of for-profit member entities:

  • Concept diagram of ITEGA entities/relationships