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Version 1.0 of Thunderbird, Mozilla's email program, was released in late 2004. The program has become popular, hitting 1 million downloads shortly following it's first week of availability. Now in variation 3.1, Thunderbird make available many intriguing features that produce it some valid alternative to Outlook Express. Users possess access to nearly 1,000 add-on choices, ranging from themes, email sidebars, dictionary widgets and music and media managers.

Difficulty: Easy


Internet browser Internet relationship

2 Click "Free Download" under the words "Thunderbird 3.1."

3 Click "Save File," when a box appears and inquires if you would like to save the file or cancel the download.

4 Choose where you would like the file downloaded by clicking "Browse" plus choosing a folder or your desktop.

5 Double-click on the file once it yous done downloading and delay to your computer to extract the file.

6 Click the button that announces "Continue," if your PC asks with permission to wide open the file.

7 Click "Next" to carry on.

8 Select standard setup via clicking the bubble next to the word "Standard" and click "Subsequent" to keep on.

9 Click "Install" to continue the setup.

10 Click "Finish" to finish the setup process.


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Mozilla: Add-withs for Thunderbird. Seo Services.

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