HCG Diet Mistakes 35

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Lost a dose of your birth control pill can boost your risk about becoming pregnant. Lost two does increases even more the chance that you will ovulate, also thus may get pregnant, Missing 2 doses near the finish of any cycle may cause your withdrawal bleed, also recognized as your menstrual period, to begin. If you include missed more than one dose regarding your pill, you need to utilize a moment method of contraception until the tablet's hormone cycle is re-established. Even if you miss only one particular dose, you need to employ an additional method.

Difficulty: Simple


2 On the next dose, take two pills once more: the regular dose plus the second skipped pill.

3 Use a copy kind of birth control, such as a condom, spermicide, or diaphragm, for one week following the two skipped doses. Missing doses regarding the pill can direct to breakthrough ovulation, meaning it remains possible to become pregnant while on the pill.

Suggestions & Cautions. HCG Diet.

Question your physician for distinctive recommendation if you have missed more other than two doses of the pill.


What happens if I miss a dose? Missed Tablets: During the Cycle

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