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The HP financial calculators allow buyers to solve pension problems. The calculator may quickly solve for the number of periods regarding the annuity, the attention rate per year, the present value of the annuity, the future value and the pension payment. All the HP calculators follow the same input method. An annuity requires you fill out 4 of the five allowance variables. Then press the fifth variable to solve for that variable.


1 Press "P/YR", then "BEG" or "Conclusion," depending on when you pay the maturity, either the beginning of the point or closure regarding the period. Consequently press "EXIT."

2 Type in the number of times there is any deposit or payment for the allowance and press "N."

3 Type the interest rate each year and press "I/YR." Do not convert the interest rate to a decimal, accordingly 8 percent will be 8, never 0.08.

4 Type the present value of the annuity and press "PV."

5 Type the future value about the pension and press "FV."

6 Press "PMT." This will present the expense period for the annuity. To decipher for any different variable, like since present value, do not kind in that variable's amount but kind inside the expense amount and press "PMT." Later press the unidentified variable after entering the additional four variables.


HP: Clearing up Lease Payments

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