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Your crew can enter the area with style by way of a breakaway banner.

A sports company looks provoking when it takes the field charging by way of a breakaway banner, but the cost of pre-made banners can be prohibitive for quite a few schools. Happily, your school's heart squad may make a breakaway banner out of the very same supplies used to make additional posters and banners on game day. A breakaway banner remains even more fun to team members to crash through whilst it's made by classmates also team supporters.

Difficulty: Easy


things you'll need:

Poster paper Scissors Obvious tape 2 wooden dowels Masking tape Paint and brushes

1 Cut four equal rectangles of poster paper, each 1/4 of the size you wish the complete banner to be.

2 Lay the rectangles on a clean work area to form the desired size and form. Overlap the edges slightly.

3 Tape the rectangles together by means of clear tape. Tack the center area carefully where the athletes will split through. Use more tape toward the external edges to security.

4 Place one wooden dowel on every side of the banner. Roll the document over the dowel once also tape it down by masking tape. Tape each end about the fold hence the dowel cannot slide away. The dowels will be the "commands" so spirit squad members can hold the banner securely whenever the team crashes via.

5 Turn the documents around also paint it by way of the company name or mascot. Roll it up meticulously for storage only after the paint yous fully waterless. LanyardsCustom Lanyards.

Tips & Cautions

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