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Afternoon session (after breakout) 4:13 p.m.

Four broad categories discussed.

Category No. 1: Story coverage

  • Mapping to show distortion
  • Potential US Russia reporting partnerships
  • solution journalism
  • juxtaposing perspectives on one story
  • particular otpics
    • everyday life
    • LGBT
    • Revisting the Cold War
  • Fact for US audiences – Russian in news & upcoming Olympics

Category No. 2: Journalists sharing/swapping expertise and experience

  • Probably a conference but with a commitment to product something together in a workshop environment

  • How to allocate limited resources in digital transition
  • How to use collaboration
  • Digital experimentation in both countries
  • Changing roles of journalists and users
  • citizen journalists
  • Role of media as bridge between citizens and government

Category No. 3: Media literacy and education

  • Media literacy and education

Category No. 4: Lawyers sharing experience and expertise

  • Independent media lawyers
  • Privacy
  • Law/ethics
  • Bring 200 years of media law in the United States to Russia. Not talking about specific legal problems but how to build the infrastructure for media law.

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