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Jeff VanderClute: One attempt to synthesize

On Friday morning, Blueprint participant Jeff VanderClute presented this analysis and challenge:

Three levels of confusion

The Information Valet Project addresses (and seeks to simultaneously solve) three “levels of confusion” for Internet information commerce:

  1. Technology for privacy and identity
  2. “Overlay” or federation of content providers (offers consumer convenience, among other things)
  3. Business model that can sustain the news industry in some form. This industry employs a lot of people and is seen as a protector of democracy through its commitment to journalism that matters.

Separating the levels

The Information Card Foundation discussion has allowed us to separate out these levels.

  1. InfoCard and perhaps others are solving the technology for privacy and identity
  2. IVP can focus on the federation of content providers
  3. For sustaining the news industry, what is a realistic timeline? Is it fast enough

(For example, see Matt Thompson’s/Robin Sloan’s EPIC 2014).

A challenge for the morning

If there were a gun to our collective head and we had to come up with tactical maneuvers TODAY that buy us enough time for privacy/identity (1) and federation (2) to happen such that the news industry could be saved . . . what would those tactical maneuvers be?

  • Example: Get the news media together with the Information Card Foundation to begin experimenting with (1)?
  • What else?