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Values for stakeholders -- compiled by the business models, legal corporate, marketing breakout

Content creators

  • focused reach
  • reach tiny niches economically
  • reach the long tail
  • make money on other peoples information (share value)
  • a business that works
  • Ability to influence development

Content consumers

  • Convenience, security, privacy, monetizing relationships
  • Content they like
  • Content not available elsewhere
  • Saving time and money
  • Frictionless
  • Ability to influence how this develops
  • Scale ability to be compensated as creator as well as consumer

Commerce players

  • Access to trusted nodes (papers, local brands, retailers)
  • Monetize content through better value
  • Access to content to more effectively market
  • Unique channels to consumers
  • Increases advertising efficiency

Aggregators of content

  • Cuts down on acquisition cost of customers
  • Antidote to Google
  • Scale for important pieces of their business (e.g. OpenID)
  • New customers for platforms
  • Differential pricing


  • Access to different genres of communication
  • Access to new business models
  • Narrowcasting, instead of broadcast mode

Regulators (beneficiary not stakeholder?)

  • Self-policing organization (one instead of millions)
  • Capabilities for better regulation than government
  • Ability to generate new ideas and better ways of doing things