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packaging and shipping supplies

User-Submitted Article Sadly, the cost of packing and shipping supplies are rather high when shipping something in the mail. Even so, you may save on this monetary burden really through knowing everywhere to look for your packaging supplies.


1 Check from sales plus service centers to a variety regarding products. For example, places that sell RV parts will acquire shipments every day for new parts. These are often things want large pieces of siding to one RV that is is wrapped within bubble wrap. Get with contact with the parts department also ask for their bubble wrap and packaging peanuts. Most of the time they will be glad to get the packaging supplies off regarding their hands plus will schedule a time for you to pick any load up.

2 Go to internet site and reveal your city. This is a web site where other folks in your region post things for free that is are recyclable, also packaging supplies are one of it. You can make some post about your need for free of charge packaging supplies and others will send you informations if they have any.

3 If you need boxes, contact nearby supermarkets or retail stores. They obtain everyday shipments of products in cardboard boxes of all sizes. Normally, these boxes are crushed and disposed of, but if you talk to the grocery chief they will often give you their unused boxes for free of charge.

4 If you are one Ebay seller or consistently need packaging supplies, pick up the word outside to your pals and family to conserve their packing also shipping supplies. Most people obtain bundles in the mail at smallest occasionally, and will be glad to offer you the packaging materials that came with the purchase.

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