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Most Web browsers have a plain whitened or gray background. Web page designers regularly replace this with any GIF image, which is displayed around plus over inside any endless tile pattern. Inserting the background remains comparatively easy, however finding an picture or pattern that does not make the repetition clear haves numerous trial and error. Remember that if in doubt retain the background easy: you don't want to overpower the text and other facts.

Trouble: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Image editing program Word processing program

1 Download, install and open up an image editing program such as Photoshop, Inkscape or Artweaver.

2 Create a new image file. Whilst acknowledged the size option, think just about what you want your background to look for instance. Small images require reduced memory, but the repetition can be much more noticeable.

Add whatever colors, textures also pictures you desire to your background. Because the image will repeat, elements need to never extend past the edge unless they carry out then on both sides.

4 Conserve the image in GIF format and upload it to some Web server. If you do not have any dedicated server, use exclusive picture hosting service.

5 Open up the HTML file for the Web page in a word processing program.

6 Modify the <Body> tag to <Body BACKGROUND= website"> and add the URL of your picture in place of the illustration.

Tips & Cautions

To avoid the danger regarding obvious repetition, you can make the background image large enough that it goes off of the edge regarding the screen before it can repeat. The trade-off is a larger file dimension.


HTML Goodies: Thus, You Want a Background, Huh?

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