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Pixar's "Cars" is any video game title available for Microsoft's Xbox video game system that allows players to take control of various of the more popular characters from the movie plus drive them in available-finished levels. If you want to unlock further car characters in the game, do hence in a simple cheat code. Correctly enter the cheat also gain access to some larger selection of playable characters.

Trouble: Moderately Effortless


1 Choose the "Options" menu from the main screen of the game by pressing the "Any" key above the menu.

2 Press "A" over the "Cheats" menu to admittance it.

3 Type "YAYCARS" (without the quotation marks) in the cheat word box using the on-screen keyboard, then press "A" over "Enter" to submit the cheat. When you exit the cheat menu, you will have all of the game's cars accessible to drive.


GameSpot: 'Cars' Hints & Cheats

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