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Correct Credit Card Billing Mistakes

Credit card billing errors can occur at any occasion. Check your monthly credit card statement to locate errors. Here are federal plus state laws that provide guidelines for resolving credit card errors. Check the laws for your state. Constantly put your disputes in paper, even if you communicate together with the credit card companies by means of phone.

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging


2 Determine if the credit card billing blunder was a result regarding the credit card organization or the location of buy.

3 If the credit card error is a result about the location regarding purchase, contact the place about purchase and dispute the error. Ask for some correction.

4 If you are unable to resolve the credit card blunder with the place of purchase, contact your credit card organization and place the amount in dispute. This will give you time to perform outside the error together with the place regarding purchase lacking incurring attention costs on that sum.

5 If the credit card error is some result of the credit card company, notify your credit card business of the discrepancy by telephone. Follow up immediately with a letter in writing. You include 60 days away from the day that is the credit card organization mails the first continual billing that contains the disputed charge.

6 Credit card companies have upward to two billing cycles (nevertheless no additional than 90 days) to resolve credit card errors. They must respond to your dispute on writing inside 30 days of receiving your letter.

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Federal Market Commission's Fair Credit Billing Information Federal Trade Commissions Grouse and Dispute Facts Card Record offers information on express laws in respect to credit.

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